December 29, 2010


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and received a few new toys to play with next year.They say that the most important things to have in a time of recession are guns and gold.Gold would be nice, but guns are better.Donít you agree?


Tx Alline and I just got back from a trip to Houston to pick up steel for some new targets.We are going to put new faces on the Shotgun knock down targets and make some completely new pistol targets.Hopefully this can be done before Jail Break in April.The new steel is AR500 and is quite hard and should hold up much longer than mild steel.Hopefully this will help reduce lead splash back at the shooters by maintaining a smooth surface on the targets.But, donít forget, anytime you throw lead at a piece of steel, the potential for pieces of it bouncing back at the shooters on the line is always a real possibility.Always wear protective eye wear when near the firing line.


Donít forget that we have a work weekend scheduled for the last weekend of January.This will be dedicated to general clean up such as raking and burning leaves, Painting props and stages, and building targets.Bring your hammer or paint brush and come join us for a weekend of backbreaking fun.


What did you think of the new and improved Gallows stage?We heard quite a few good comments about it and would like to hear your opinion.While on the subject of new stages, do you have any suggestions for the area that used to house the Stockade stage?If anyone has lumber, time and talent, and your idea goes over will with those in charge of such things, we would be glad to hear from you.Sometime in the future, we plan to raise up the bridge so that it is at the same height as the Blacksmith shop and Gallows stages.That will take considerable money, time, and labor to achieve, but, it would then be easier to negotiate by not having to go up and down a hill.Maybe that is just dreaming.


Colt Faro donated a Buckaroo rig to Kid Ghost.He plans to do this at least once a year to encourage young shooters into our sport.That rig was really nice and was greatly appreciated.We should do all we can to encourage young shooters to enter our sport.How about your grandson or daughter?Hatís off to Colt.How about someone conducting a shooting school for young shooters?Any volunteers?


Justa Hand