Jail Break 2010


All shooters must wear a hat and period correct (1860-1899) boots and clothes.


Rear sights must be period correct (1860-1899), and may be either barrel mounted open iron sight, or a tang mounted adjustable sight.Front sights may vary from simple blades to hooded types with interchangeable inserts.Spirit levels are O.K.


Optical or receiver mounted sights are not allowed.


Rifles must be of a design and a model readily available prior to 1899.Lever actions must be tube fed, with an exposed hammer.Marlin 336ís and l895ís will be allowed.Single Shot Rifles must have an exposed hammer.Spring-loaded ejectors are not allowed, except for Trapdoors.No Savage 99ís or Ruger #1ís allowed.


Rifle cartridges must be of at least 30 caliber, and be a center fire, rimmed Rifle cartridge that was readily available prior to 1899.The 30-30 Winchester, 32 Winchester, 38-55 Winchester, 40-65 Winchester, 43 Spanish and 45-70 Govt. are a few examples.No cartridge smaller than 30-30 Winchester will be allowed.


Any propellant powder, smokeless or black is allowed.NO DUPLEX LOADS ALLOWED.


Bullets must be all lead or paper patched.NO GAS CHECKS ARE ALLOWED.


All Rifle shots must be fired off-hand, no leaning, supporting or resting is allowed.


Ammunition for Single Shots may be either staged, loaded from stock mounted loops of period correct material or loaded from the body.


Number of shots per stage and distances will be variable.


Pistols and Shotguns must be SASS main match approved.


Shooting style and powder used is each shooterís choice.Shooter can shoot one handed or with two, use Modern or Traditional Class pistols, and shoot smokeless or black powder.


Bring plenty of ammo.